Meet Rey

Rey is an abandoned dog rescued by Patitas Al Rescate in Tijuana, Mexico after being left in a trash can due to physical deformities.

DJ Swagrman was introduced to Rey Dog and knew he could give him the love he needed to thrive. Rey is the first of DJ Swagrman’s “Dogs in Need” that show it is possible to take care of a dog that doesn’t appear “normal” and have a wonderful pet with a full life.

DJ Swagrman helped bring Rey back to life with tremendous love and care. Now he wants to tell Rey’s story to help other dogs that are neglected and abused.

Swagrman found his dual purpose in life: make incredible music and fight for animal rights globally. He plans to use his platform to entertain the world via Latin/EDM music and to build a chain of dog shelters, beginning with one in Mexico. If you love music and animals, “HOWL!!!